• Inside mould least take-out time is O.5s and dry cycle time is 2.8s, widely used in thin-wall box and disposable cutlery industry.
  • Y/Z axis is driven by servo motor, can realizes product stacking up on any points at Y/Z directions. Can cut the runner by scissors driven by cylinder.
  • Crosswise type uses aluminum alloy double-rails design which applies for patent. Lighter weight and higher bending strength makes long life.
  • Back-installed electric cabinet design improves the whole shock resistance and more stable, reduces the electronic fault.
  • The traverse guide rail installs automatic lubrication system, more convenient to maintain.
  • Wheel gear lateral plate structure and constant torque, makes tools works well. Cylinder’s lifetime is longer because of lateral cylinder piston rod no skewing.

Technical Specifications




Arm type


Telescopic Type

Telescopic Type

Telescopic Type

Telescopic Type


I.M.M. Range

ton≤250T300T-380T500T-700T700T-800TI.M.M. Range

Vertical Stroke

mm800100013001500Vertical Stroke

Crosswise Stroke

mm200200400500Crosswise Stroke

Traverse Stroke

mm1400180020002200Swing Stroke

Gripper Rotation Angle

degrees90909090Gripper Rotation Angle

Max Load

kg331015Max Load

Minimum Time Take From Mold

sec1122.7Minimum Time Take From Mold

Dry Cycle Time

sec331012Dry Cycle Time

Drive System


Y,Z Servo; X CylinderY,Z Servo; X CylinderY,Z Servo; X CylinderY,Z Servo; X CylinderDrive System

Working Air Pressure

Kgf/cm24.5-6.54.5-6.54.5-6.54.5-6.5Working Air Pressure

Air Consumption

NL/cycle12121313Air Consumption

Power Consumption

KVA1. Consumption



Net Weight

kg260300560650Net Weight

Overall Dimensions

* Dimensions and conditions of the product are Vira Sanat standard. It can be designed and customized according to different industries.