Becoming a modern, value-creating and creative company that meets the needs of the country's plastics industry in the shortest time and with the latest methods. We can localize global knowledge and eliminate the country's industry from the need for modern equipment.


We are committed to understanding and analyzing the needs of the plastics industry, using our resources to develop the services they need with a different approach, and putting the interests of all stakeholders and maximizing their satisfaction at the forefront of our work.

our main goals

Increase profitability percentage
Become a learning organization
Increase the value of company assets
Sustainable development and protection of the interests of our country Iran
Increase customer satisfaction
Service development
Improving infrastructure and increasing speed and quality

Fundamental values

Adherence to transparency and the rule of law
Belief in healthy competition
Customer and customer-centric respect
Observance of professional principles
Emphasis on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
Organizational cohesion with meritocracy
Create a dynamic, intimate, vibrant and exemplary environment