Mold Shelf
“Space” in industrial factories is one of the most valuable assets. Unfortunately, due to the volume and weight of industrial molds, a lot of space is occupied in factories. Apart from the space-consuming nature of the molds, the problem of maintaining the molds is an important issue. Vira Sanat technical team has designed a special mechanism to build modular shelves to facilitate the worries of being space-consuming and storing molds. These shelves with standard dimensions are designed as cells and each cell has the ability to hold 1 ton of cargo. The shelves can be expanded to any number and with a special design, maintain their durability and stability when opening and closing the drawers. By installing a hand-held crane, it is possible to move the molds easily and there is no need for a lift.
* Dimensions and conditions of the product are Vira Sanat standard. It can be designed and customized according to different industries.