A mechanical part with special and functional design by Vira Sanat Company. Suction pump for transferring materials for granular materials or any other material with density less than 1g/cm is suitable. Due to the special interior design of these pumps, which is based on fluid mechanics, it has the ability to generate the vacuum by switching air pressure to air suction. Due to the high price and depreciation of electric pumps, Vira Sanat suction pumps can be a good alternative. Avoiding the complexity of electric pumps, maintenance, depreciation, no need for technical team and cost-effectiveness are some of the advantages of these pumps. Vira Sanat Material Suction Pump starts working only by connecting to the air pump that exists in all factories of this industry and has the ability to transfer materials up to 4 meters vertically and a transfer capacity of 10 kg per minute.

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Dimensions and conditions of the product are Vira Sanat standard. It can be designed and personalized according to different industries.