Customer satisfaction is the first accepted value in all organizational levels of Vira Sanat complex. The full commitment of the facility mentioned above, has led the company to narrow its responsibility to the customer only to provide the highest quality industrial products available in the market and consider comprehensive customer service after the purchase of the product as one of its most basic duties. Utilizing the best technical experts and allocating significant space to the service and warehouse unit, shows the importance of quality and fast after-sales service as a vision by the heads of Vira Sanat. Vira Sanat Company’s emphasis on being the first in services and avoiding cooperation with various and unsupported suppliers, has enabled the company to provide the highest level of after-sales service for its customers, in addition to supplying quality equipment and devices. Providing accessories and consumables needed in the shortest possible time through first hand suppliers and manufacturers.
Undoubtedly, providing such a level of customer service is not possible without the support unit of the facility and its powerful after-sales service unit in terms of technology, extensiveness and variety of available parts. A brief look at Vira Sanat’s loyal customers and observing the most well-known activists in the field of trade and industry among them, shows the credibility and position of this leading and knowledge-based brand among the country’s industrial and commercial centers and the great power of Vira Sanat in providing Proves complete customer satisfaction.

Product warehouse

Customers of Vira Sanat, can visit the products warehouse, while observing the devices closely, they can visit the production line of the collection and consult with the technical team.
Spare parts, accessories warehouse and all the stages of manufacturing and production of products offered by Vira Sanat Company have been done inside the factory and in their production where the highest quality of materials and parts with number one world brands have been used. So that all Vira Sanat products are offered with valid international standards and certificates. Although the unparalleled quality of devices and equipment provided by Vira Sanat guarantees their longevity, but all these products aim to satisfy customers with a one-year warranty (or two years depending on the product) and ten-year after-sales service. This guarantee is provided to customers with the complete support of spare warehouse and accessories of this company. Thus, customers’ needs in the field of device components and consumable parts are met quickly by providing original and high quality products.

Technical service unit

Experienced and active experts in the technical service unit of Vira Sanat Company, with full knowledge of mechanized devices and their possible defects, are ready to serve customers quickly so that their devices can be reused at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time. Technical services of Vira Sanat complex are provided to customers depending on the situation in three different ways :

• Having Telephone connection with technical support related to after-sales services in Vira Sanat complex which is how the problem can be solved at no cost and with the guidance of the operator.

• Providing on-site service as if the problem is not solved by providing telephone consultation, in-person repairmen will be sent to the site to fix the defects.

• Send in-person repairmen in case of need for major repairs, the devices are referred to the factory of Vira Sanat Company so that the technical experts with equipment and tools can fix the defects of the device.